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How To Find Your Soul Mate

Joanna September 4, 2018 2 Comments

how to find your soul mate

To The Single Girl Have you ever wondered, why you can’t meet that very special man you’ve been waiting for your entire life? Your soul mate, your dream mate, your knight in shining armor? I am here to give you some amazing, secret dating tips. Not! I got you! What Not To Do Ok. Seriously! […]


How To Live Happily During The First Years Of Marriage

Joanna August 28, 2018 2 Comments

Podcast Show Notes  Marriage Is Hard Anyone who’s been married can tell you that. Yet, regardless of what anyone says, we still dream of the perfect wedding with the perfect dress we’ve fantasized about since we were little girls. Did you ever watch a movie titled, “Muriel’s Wedding”? A single girl, desperately wanting to get […]